Dr. Maher Soudah (Entrepreneur & Business Owner)

Maher Soudah

Maher J. Soudah, MD

Dr. Maher Soudah is a renowned business owner and medical doctor who currently resides in West Palm Beach, FL. Dr. Maher Soudah is the current owner of Kaiser Medical Center in West Palm Beach as well as MedSave Clinic in Worthington, OH. Maher Soudah has been practicing medicine for many years and has established several successful businesses and practices.

Maher J. Soudah has received his Medicine Doctor, a.k.a. MD, also known as a “Teacher of Medicine.” This degree is a terminal medical degree for practitioners of medicine. In the United States, MD denotes a first professional graduate degree awarded upon initial graduation from medical school.

How Did Maher Soudah Become A Doctor?

The Steps Maher J. Soudah Took To Become A Doctor

Maher Soudah, Working as a medical doctor in the United States of America, has a very rewarding career which took a lot of years of very hard work to attain. Dr Maher Soudah had to prepare from high school forward to eventually become Dr. Maher Soudah MD.

The first step to becoming a doctor is to graduate from high school with the absolute best grades possible. The better you do grades-wise and the more extra-curricular activities you amass, the higher your chances of getting into college and an excellent, reputable medical school will be. If you have the option to do advanced classes, take that opportunity. After you graduate from high school, there are some more steps you can take for successfully attaining your medical doctor status.

Dr Maher Soudah

How Did Maher Soudah Become A Doctor?

Maher J Soudah MD

After graduating from high school, here’s whats next to become a doctor:


  1. Obtain your Bachelor’s Degree from a good college or university.
  2. Take & pass the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)
  3. Graduate from a reputable medical school
  4. Complete a medical residency program
  5. Complete and pass the USMLE (required to obtain a medical license)
  6. Complete your fellowship training (not all doctor’s must do this)
  7. Get a state medical license
  8. Pass the medical board exam for your medical specialty
  9. Get your local credentials and hospital privileges
  10. Get your provider numbers and DEA numbers for prescribing medicine


Once you complete the above steps, you are now a practicing doctor in the United States of America. Maher Soudah took this same path to attain his success in life. If you’re looking to be a medical doctor like Maher J Soudah, then this is the best way to get there!

Dr. Maher Soudah: Kaiser Wellness Center in West Palm Beach, FL

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Maher J. Soudah: MedSave Clinic in Worthington, OH

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