5 Things To Look For In A Rehabilitation Center: A Guide For An Alcoholic’s Loved Ones

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Rehabilitation from alcoholism starts with deciding that the problem is very real. People who have loved ones suffering from the condition know that convincing an alcoholic to undergo treatment can be quite challenging, especially during the denial phase.

Addiction rehabilitation specialist Dr. Maher Soudah and his team at Kaiser Wellness Center understand this well enough and strongly recommend that family members and friends of an alcoholic to carefully choose a rehabilitation center that would suit their specific circumstances.

Choosing the right rehabilitation center is imperative for the alcoholic to have the best possible care and treatment. Finding a specific program that works well for the individual makes recovery faster and more permanent. On top of that, giving the alcoholic the choice of a rehabilitation center makes them feel a lot more in control and less like a victim because doing so will make him feel that they own their destiny.

With these in mind, Dr. Soudah and his team of experts at Kaiser Wellness Center identified 5 important things to consider when choosing a rehabilitation center an alcoholic.


The place where the rehabilitation center is located is an important factor to consider when choosing a facility for your loved one as it determines whether he or she would be able to cope with the treatment easily. For some people, staying at a facility near their usual residence would be easier, especially if they consider their loved ones as their source of strength and motivation. However, there are those who may recover better if they are in a rehabilitation center that is far from their usual stomping grounds, so to speak.

Available Treatment Programs

The availability of different treatment programs should also be considered when choosing a rehabilitation center since it is the core of the decision your loved one must make to turn his or her life around. Some rehab centers offer a wide variety of courses, including spirituality-based ones, while others focus on science-backed treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy. Go to a facility that offers a program that suits your loved one’s needs, else you risk making rehabilitation a lot harder for him than it should be.

Co-Ed Vs. Single-Gender Facilities

Having the opposite sex around during treatment is also a factor that can make or break your loved one’s recovery as some alcoholics and experts monitoring their behavior that it can directly affect the way the patients react to treatment. At one point, some even came across problems in their treatment because of the attraction the alcoholics face to the opposite sex.

Length Of Stay

While studies have shown that adequate stay inside a rehabilitation facility, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the period would be the same for everyone. In fact, experts at the Kaiser Wellness Center explained that the duration of an alcoholic’s stay varies, depending on the person’s specific circumstances which will be assessed by addiction rehabilitation specialists like Maher Soudah.


Accreditation of the facility is also an important thing to look for when choosing a rehabilitation center for your loved one as it would show if the place is following standard protocols set by the government. This is because accrediting bodies only hand out such credentials to facilities that have proven their quality of service as well as the efficacy of their available programs, facilities, and employees. Seeing a rehab center’s accreditation is also be a good way to determine the recovery success of those who have substance abuse problems previously treated for in the facility.

After taking all these factors into consideration, it is also wise to seek reviews from experts as well as recovered alcoholics on the potential rehabilitation centers that may handle your loved one’s well-being.

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