How Professional Rehab Facilities Can Help Regain Health And Overcome Alcohol Addiction

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Recovering from alcohol addiction is a long and difficult process that requires the collective efforts of the people around the person. However, love and support alone do not cure substance abuse. Why? Addiction is a scientific state that requires a scientific intervention.

While efforts that aim to alter one’s mental and behavioral response are important, the existence of a clinical environment that provides a straightforward and empirical approach to the addiction is equally necessary. This is why professional rehabilitation centers play a huge role in a person’s journey towards change. By rehabilitating alcohol dependents in a controlled setting, you give them a chance to improve their lives while being far away from anything that may cause them to backslide.

Here are 5 reasons why rehab centers should be part of your loved one’s journey away from alcohol addiction.

1. Doctors and the medical staff work together to help the individual recover.

Dr Maher Soudah, director of Kaiser Wellness Center, stresses the importance of a well-trained and compassionate team to an addict’s recovery process. This level of expertise is likely not available in a home care setup and is the main reason why individuals need to check themselves in. With a private wellness center, recovering addicts get the proper response for their health and mental dilemma, so they can also deal with the changes the safe and unobstructed way.

2. Rehabilitation facilities offer a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Dedicated wellness facilities are not strictly clinical and are certainly far from the what is being portrayed in majority of Hollywood films. In fact, rehab centers are actually more like vacation homes where an individual is given the chance to detoxify, clear his or her mind, talk to people in similar situations, and seek professional advice. This level of openness in a rehab center allows people to be more honest about their states because they are not dealing with family, whom they might be scared of hurting.

3. Individuals are given the appropriate medication and counseling interventions.

Recovering alcohol addicts are given the right types of treatment for their level of addiction in a facility. According to Dr Maher Soudah, the role of the family is to ensure that he or she is complying with the treatment schedules and to provide encouragement and support. It is the center’s duty to prescribe. Therapy can be done two ways: in-patient or out-patient, with the duration depending on how far the individual has progressed.

4. The difficult detoxification process is well-monitored.

Perhaps the most difficult part of the recovery process is the detoxification phase. This is when the addict will be most resistant to the physical changes as a result of cold-turkey withdrawal. Thus, the help of a professional wellness facility is critical. The medical staff will help the individual transition safely from a physical state of addiction into a state where the body is totally rid of the toxins and chemicals. This include providing proper nutrition and prescribing a customized exercise routine.

5. Follow-up care and counseling is available after the treatment.

The rehab center’s role in the success of addiction recovery continues after the person has checked out or has finished his or her out-patient program, notes Dr Maher Soudah. This includes weekly counseling sessions, AA meetings and attendance checks, as well as home visits and compliance follow-ups. Overall, without the help of a professional treatment center, the recovering addict might easily slip back into a downward spiral once again or not recover at all.

It’s difficult for family members to decide that a person needs rehab intervention. But, let’s be honest. There are treatments that a wellness facility can provide that our homes cannot. Let us take care of our loved ones by making sure they get the proper help they need to regain their lives and move towards positive change.

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